2015-12-01 Benigno Hernandez

Individual training - Dribbling


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2015-11-20 Benigno Hernandez

Individual training

Objectives: The principal objective is improve technical skills “small details” that during the week is difficult training. During the exercise we relation technicals concepts with tactical conceptions in order that the player know how they can use the technical skills in order conquer tactical problems. We work with small groups because of we want that the player do a lot of time the same actions and assimilate as son as possible.
Concepts that we will work: Running with the ball, control the ball, pass, feint, dribbling, shoot,… but remember we will relation all this technical concepts with tactical in order to do more real exercise “like matches”.


2015-11-18 Benigno Hernandez

Staff training

Staff training for coaches where they can put all the details of the exercise that they have to work .

2015-10-12 German Rodriguez


In Debrecen, Horst Wein and Marcello Nardini to realice a conference about their project  named FUNiño. It is a football school where they teach to play football to children from six to eighteen years old.

In accordance with Horst Wein, all is based in play football in triangle and so he say that games 3vs3 are very important for the footballing development of the children.

They left phrases fro we think profoundly about the football, as for example:

2015-09-24 Benigno Hernandez

Coaching activities

Here you can find the distribution that our coaching staff makes about the different types of activities. Also you can find in the document the distribution of the exercises within the different types of physical subdinamica of week.

2015-09-15 Benigno Hernandez

Why I am coach?

Currently I confront my eighth season as professional football coach, I started to train with 16 years in the club of my city, I have since worked through various clubs and I coached in different categories. Since childhood always I was interested in see the matches and then analyze them in a tactical way and think how I can counteract.

2015-09-09 German Rodriguez

My first month in Hódmezővásárhely

I have been living in Hódmezővásárhely, in this calm town on the south-east part of Hungary, for one month. During this time I have been working for the HFC football team. I have been accepted by the club quite fast and it treats me very well.

In the following I want to introduce my average weekly schedule.

2015-09-08 German Rodriguez

2015.09.02. Hódmezővásárhely

In today’s entry I’d like to write about all those problems that I’ve noticed while I was observing Hódmezővásárhelyi F.C’s first team.

2015-09-07 German Rodriguez

HUN vs. ROM - UEFA EURO 2016 Qualifier

Yesterday we have seen in the Groupama stadium the EURO 2016 qualifying match, Hungary vs. Romania. We have been invited to the match by the leader of AFCK Sport Management, László Németh. After my Spanish colleagues have arrived, we went up to the Sky Box for dinner. During we were walking up on the steps we respired the fantastic feeling which came from the grandstands. The atmosphere was phenomenal; more than ¾ of the spectators were Hungarian. 

2015-09-02 Benigno Hernandez

Professional program of the Open day

Below you can find the professional program of the Open Day in Hódmezővásárhely. This program was created by our spanish team. Our aim was to piece together an interesting and colorful exercises which are practised by the young players with a lot of joy. 

We wanted to teach them the main rules of "running with the ball".

2015-09-01 Laszlo Nemeth

Our program in the Spanish media

In the beginning of August the Catalan newspaper called EL9NOU corresponded about the arriving of coaches in Hungary. In the article our coaches speak about their difficulties and challenges which they have to face to in the beginning of their work here. They voice their main aim: raising the level of the Hungarian football.

Not German, Banigno and Xavier the first Spanish people who try his luck in Hungary. Maggí Serra works as a handball coach in Győr and Antonio Garcia plays in the handball team of Szeged.

2015-09-01 Laszlo Nemeth

Spanish coaches Open day in Hódmezővásárhely

On the last Saturday of August the AFCK Football Management organized an Open Day in Hódmezővásárhely, where our Spanish coaches held sample training for the interested young players. The event could come about with the help of the local football club. The parents and the trainers of the participating children were watching the training with high interest.

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